Saint Ignace






Michigamme River:
A few anglers caught good size pike near the Way Dam.

Sawyer Lake:

In Dickinson County had good pike fishing for those using tip-ups or rods with fathead minnows.


Menominee River:

Anglers are starting to catch brown trout near the Hattie Street Dam.


Little Bay De Noc:

The ice has held up for the most part although areas with moving water or surrounding rocky areas had begun to thaw.  Anglers will need to use caution.  Some walleye were caught at the head of the Bay when jigging rapalas or using tip-ups in 10 to 27 feet.  Perch fishing was fair with most targeting the Kipling flats and north to Garth Point.  The few fish taken were caught on wigglers or minnows in 16 to 30 feet.  Whitefish moved north into the Bay and were caught between the Second and Third Reefs by several perch anglers.



Limits or near limit catches of coho were taken on the bubblers  A mix of brown trout, splake, herring, and a couple kings were also taken but the ice moved back in and locked up access to the bubblers once again.  Rivers in the Marquette area had very little fishing pressure.


Au Train:

Anglers need to use extreme caution on the ice as the thickness is variable.  Some coho lake herring and Menominee were caught at the mouth of the Au Train River.  Anglers are catching them both through the ice and while drifting spawn bags in the river.



Overall catch rates were lower for coho and smelt.  Some managed a few good catches while others reported none.  Best time for coho was in the morning with assorted jigging rapalas or Swedish pimples.  Few were targeting whitefish as the bite was poor.  The occasional splake was caught when jigging for coho.  Those spearing reported slightly better action for lake herring when schools of fish were moving through.


Grand Marais:

Still had ice within the harbor but low fishing pressure.  Anglers were fishing for Menominee in shallower water.  A few coho and steelhead were caught in the upper part of the marina.


Cedarville and Hessel: 

Perch fishing picked up around the Les Cheneaux Islands for those using minnows, wigglers, spikes and mousies.  Most of the fish caught were around eight inches but some did manage to find a few fish up to 14 inches.  Smaller pike 22 to 25 inches were caught on minnows.  Anglers saw some splake but only a few were caught.  Anglers and recreational riders need to be extremely cautious near the island points and high current areas that have opened up or have poor ice.