Saint Ignace






Menominee River:  Was producing some walleye between Stephenson Island and the Hattie Street Dam for those using live bait or plastics.  Chinook salmon, brown trout and the occasional steelhead are also in the river.  

Little Bay De Noc:  A few walleye were caught near Kipling when jigging minnows in 18 to 30 feet and at the mouth of the Escanaba River when trolling a crawler harness or stick bait along the weed beds in 20 feet.  Perch catches were good at the mouth of the river with minnows in 20 to 30 feet between the First and Second Reefs and near Kipling in 18 to 30 feet.  Good pike action along the coal piles in Gladstone with spoons and crank baits in 12 to 18 feet.  Bass anglers struggled to find fish but those that did caught several nice ones between Hunters Point and the south end of the Black Bottom with plastics, jigs or spinners in 12 to 20 feet.  

Manistique River:  The Chinook run is definitely peaking so now’s the time.  The fish cleaning station is being used although the disposal is still down.  There is a trash can to use for fish remains.  The DNR freezer is still there for head collection of fish missing the adipose fin.  Few boats were out but the number of shore anglers has increased.  Anglers have fished from the High Dam by the Paper Mill up to the Cedar Street Bridge. Most are using spoons, rapalas or spinners but a few had spawn.  Several fish 20 pounds or more were reported.  Those fly fishing for steelhead reported fair to good catches further up river when using beads.  

Marquette:  Those able to get out reported slow catch rates with only a few lake trout taken in shallow waters around the harbor.  River fishing has been slow as most are still waiting on a big push of coho. The Dear River still has Chinook and a few pink salmon but the fish are very dark.  No word on coho yet.  The Carp and the Chocolay Rivers are producing a light number of coho.  

Au Train:  Had no reports for Lake Superior.  A couple coho were caught at the mouth of the Rock River.  

Munising:  Most of the fishing has been shore and pier anglers and catch rates were slow with only a few coho or splake caught with spawn bags or spoons and spinners.  Coho were hitting orange spoons.  The run may have peaked already but a couple chrome fish were still caught.  Surface water temperatures remain in the mid to upper 50’s which is warm for this time of year.  Fall colors will peak by next week.

Grand Marais:  Boat anglers trolling in the harbor caught pike up to 30 inches when long-lining with stick baits or jointed rapalas.  The majority of fishing over the last week was surf anglers targeting steelhead out from mouth of the Sucker River.  Most were floating spawn sacs but a few were casting spoons and stick baits.  Anyone that would like to view spectacular fall colors, next week will most likely be the peak.  Highway-77 from Seney to Grand Marais is a gorgeous ride along with Highway-58 which follows the Pictured Rocks area.  

Tahquamenon River:  Muskie anglers are still seeing fish but could not land them.  Those fishing the Dollarville Dam caught perch, small bluegills and rock bass on worms.  

St. Marys River:  Salmon fishing in the upper river behind Cloverland Powerhouse continues to be hit-or-miss depending on how much water there is.  Perch fishing was beginning to pick up in Baie De Wassai in 4 to 8 feet with crawlers or minnows.  A good number of yellow perch were caught in 50 feet in Lake George.  Walleye fishing is beginning to pick up near the north end of the lake for those jigging soft plastics or trolling a crawler harnesses or crank bait.  In the lower river, a few walleye were caught near Sweet’s Point, Pipe Island and Twin Pipe Island just north of Detour when trolling deep diving stick baits or a crawler harness and bottom bouncer in 28 to 35 feet.  Some nice yellow perch were caught when drifting minnows and worms near the bottom in 14 to 20 feet in Raber Bay.  Good spots include the northeast side of Lime Island and near Round Island.  

Drummond Island:  Those targeting yellow perch were still taking good catches including some limit catches of fish above the legal size limit while sorting through all the small ones.  Water temperatures in Potagannissing Bay were still in the mid 60’s and too warm for the jumbo perch to move in.  Most are drifting small minnows near the bottom.  The schools have moved to shallow waters and can be found in 8 to 13 feet in Maxton Bay near Sportsmen’s Club Point, James Island, Ashman Island, or Scott Bay near Rutland and Peck Islands.  The local bait stores are running low on minnows but trying their best to keep up with current demands.  

Cedarville and Hessel:  Catch rates for perch were very slow throughout the Les Cheneaux Islands.  Those caught were taken on worms and shiners.  The surface water temperature was 58 degrees.  At Hessel, pike were caught by pier anglers using large chubs or a chrome spoon with a red eye.  Early morning and late afternoon were best.  

St. Ignace:  Had no reports.  The Carp River had reports of a couple steelhead taken on spawn.  Those trying worms, crank baits or spinners had no luck.  The Pine River had little activity.  Those targeting walleye had no luck.